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Adobe Photoshop CS3 Unleashed!: Adobe’s Newest Photoshop in the Creative Suite Family Finally Here

Adobe has recently unleashed its newest line of Creative Suite software, CS3, and has brought its extremely popular graphic imaging software, Photoshop, to an even higher level of professional quality with more features that give users control and flexibility.

Adobe Photoshop CS3 has upgraded from CS2 in a number of ways. New features include the ability to freely and non-destructively use filters. Unlike the older versions of Photoshop, when you apply a filter in CS3, the original image is left unchanged when you use the new smart filters. Users can apply as many of the effects as they want to without destroying the original content. Another new feature with Photoshop CS3 is the pallet windows. They collapse into icons that can expand with a simple click, making your workspace more organized, flexible, and roomy. In fact most of the way that the new Photoshop software is laid out, is designed for a more convenient and organized workspace environment. CS3 also has a new feature called auto-align layers. This makes it far easier for the user to take unwanted images out of a good photo, so long as the user has two photos. The user can align the two and simply “erase” the unwanted material. New sliders for recovery have been introduced for adjusting exposure, so the image isn’t lost in the effect. This is part of the camera raw support, a function that lets users open and adjust jpeg and tif files. Users can also combine multiple images with different exposures into one 32-bit image, giving the user a full range of light and shade. There are a number of new features that are packed into the new Photoshop CS3 software, which is available on Adobe’s website as a free trial. The upgrade for the software from CS2 is about $200 and the full thing tops out at around $700.

Photoshop CS3 Extended is the more professional package in Photoshop. It’s ideally suited for film makers, pro artists, even architects according to adobe. The software features tools like movie paint, 3D compositing and texture editing, 2D and 3D measurement tools, streamlined interface, better raw-image processing, enhanced 32-bit HDR support and enhanced vanishing point with 3D support. The software tips the scales in price range at about $1000. The upgrade is about $350 and is also available as a free trial on the website.

Lightroom for Photoshop has been introduced as a new way to manage multiple images, present them, and have a more powerful workflow with digital photography. More information can be obtained at Adobe’s website.

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