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Australian Photographic Gift Book Suggestions: Mementoes and Keepsake Books with Photographs of Australia

Australia is a land of distinctive and stunning landscape contrasts and unique flora and fauna. For tourists, visitors and Australian’s living overseas, gift books featuring photographs of Australian places, icons, wildlife and plants that make a perfect keepsake or gift.

Ken Duncan

One of the world’s leading panoramic photographers, Ken Duncan captures Australian landscape images that are at times breath-taking in their scope and impact.

For fans of Duncan’s work, Life’s An Adventure: The First Twenty Five Years (Panographs Publishing) is a combination of photographs and autobiography. Duncan shares the story behind many of his well-known images including the photograph of Burra Homestead that featured on the cover of Midnight Oil’s Diesel and Dust album cover and photographs taken on set during the filming of Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ.

Other photographic collections include:

Inspirations: spectacular Ken Duncan images with inspirational quotes (Panographs Publishing)

Australia Wide: The Great Southland (Ken Duncan Panographs)

Classic Australia: Spectacular Panoramic Views (Ken Duncan Panographs)

Reflections series

Duncan’s images also feature on a range of calendars, gift cards, jigsaws and other items.

Steve Parish

The familiar image of well-known landscape and wildlife photographer Steve Parish up to his chest in a river as he takes a photograph symbolises his passion for sharing images of Australia with the world.

Titles include:

Photographing Australia’s Landscapes (Steve Parish Publishing)

Australia: The Journey (Steve Parish Publishing)

Spirit of Australia series including Australian Inspirations and Australian Quirk

Australia in Focus series with individual titles featuring major Australian cities and regions

As with Ken Duncan, Steve Parish images feature on a range of products. He has also produced a series of information and activity books for children about Australian wildlife.

Andrew Teakle and Debra Doenges

These experienced photographers have produced a number of photographic collection gift books including the Australian Journey series. Each photographer has more than 20 years photographic experience. Debra Doenges sadly passed away in late 2007.

Other titles by Teakle and Doenges include:

Light on the Southern Land (New Holland)

An Intimate Portrait of Australia (New Holland)

Places Preserved (New Holland)

From Each Eye (New Holland)

Jim Powe

The late Jim Powe was a greatly respected photographic chronicler of Australia’s railroad history. Only months before his passing at the end of 2008, Powe published a collection of railway photographs, primarily sourced from his own private collection.

Trains and Railways of Australia (New Holland) is a fascinating collection of railway photographs that also manages to capture images of a changing nation. Ideal for railway enthusiasts, it would also be appreciated by anyone with an interest in Australian history.

Ian Collis

A recognised authority on sports, history and statistics, Ian Collis is also an enthusiastic collector of early Australian photographs. He has authored or co-authored a range of books, which are likely to be of particular interest to fans of Australian sport or those with a particular connection with Sydney.

Ian Collis titles include:

Old Sydney: A Pictorial History (New Holland)

Sydney: From Settlement to the Bridge (New Holland,

Rugby League: 100 Years in Pictures (New Holland) with Alan Whittaker

Cricket: Back in Time (New Holland)

Peter Luck

In a tribute to Dorothea Mackellar’s well-known and loved poem My Country, Australian journalist and photographer has combined his photographic talents with the evocative words of the poem to create a beautiful gift book titled Dorothea Mackellar’s My Country: a centenary celebration 1908 – 2008 (Pier 9, 2008)

An Australian Keepsake

Australia is home to a number of talented photographers and authors who have produced a selection of books featuring stunning Australian images. With gifts in a range of sizes and themes, there is something to suit every taste and occasion.

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