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Things to Consider When Buying a New Digital Camera

With a diverse range of cameras currently on the market, and frequent releases of new models, the range of choices can be seemingly overwhelming to people without much experience of photography. Consequently, many people are unsure of where to start their search for a digital camera or what they really ...

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Kayak Photography

paddling a kayak can at times, be difficult. Finding a balance in the boat, shooting skittish wildlife while steering into the waves becomes a juggling act. The digital age, the right equipment I reluctantly moved into the world of digital photography after a mishap with sea water and my old ...

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Digital Photography Beginners Tips

private photography classes are all options to develop your skills as a photographer but they are expensive and time-consuming. To begin with the beginner should simply get to know his or her camera and take photos of anything and everything that interests them. Experimentation is the key to figuring out ...

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