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A Guide to Selling Stock Photography Online: Use Stock Photo Websites to Sell Royalty-Free Photos, Stock Images

Improvements in digital photography equipment have made it possible for professional photographers, freelance photographers and amateur photographers alike to earn money and gain exposure for their digital photographs by selling royalty-free photos online via a stock photography website. This article will provide an introduction to selling royalty-free photographs online using ...

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How to Create a Photographic Typology

What is a Photographic Typology? A typology is simply a study of types. A photo typology is a collection of images or photographs which are “shot in a consistent, repetitive manner; to be fully understood, the images must be viewed as a complete series” (Kristine McKenna, “Photo Visions”, Los Angeles ...

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The Photography of Ansel Adams- Photography as a Fine Art

historians, the certainty remains that the two figures in the painting were given as lifelike a portrayal as van Eyck’s skills allowed. This painting, like countless others, was meant to preserve a memorable time. Portraits, landscapes, Biblical images, all painted in meticulous detail, or in a sense, photographic detail. Since ...

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