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The Photography of Ansel Adams- Photography as a Fine Art

historians, the certainty remains that the two figures in the painting were given as lifelike a portrayal as van Eyck’s skills allowed. This painting, like countless others, was meant to preserve a memorable time. Portraits, landscapes, Biblical images, all painted in meticulous detail, or in a sense, photographic detail. Since ...

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Distance Education

How to do Well in an Online Class in Distance Education Courses Three prime areas are discussed in helping adult learners develop an understanding of their weaknesses and strengths to ensure success in online learning. Jun 4, 2010 – David R. Wetzel Elearning Replaces the Traditional Model of Teaching and ...

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Great Photography Begins with the Eyes

having to reexamine that very fundamental ability. Vision happens when our brain assembles the various wavelengths of light that are reflected onto the retina that reproduces color, form and texture. This is the same process of making a photo, except cameras are far less receptive than the human eye and ...

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Victorian Death Photography in the United States

Shortly after the daguerrotype was invented, portraits of the dead became commonplace. These strange photographs were called Memento Mori. Keeping a likeness of famous people who have died goes back thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians, for instance, used to mummify the corpses of kings and other important people to preserve ...

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