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Using the Selection Tools In Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator’s five dynamic selection tools allow users to select objects in different ways and for different purposes. These five tools are: The Selection Tool Direct Selection Tool Group Selection Tool Magic Wand Tool Lasso Tool Knowing how each tool works can help users work with full objects, partial objects, ...

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Typography–Classification of Typefaces for use in Graphic Design

The appropriate application of typographic principles is crucial to the impact and effectiveness of page layout and selection of suitable fonts is imperative. Some Descriptive Vocabulary Regarding Typefaces Before ranking styles we need to be aware of some the major distinguishing features of a typeface. The ”face” is what we ...

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Vector vs. Raster Images

There are two major types of 2D graphics used by designers: raster (or bitmap) and vector images. Each graphic type has distinct characteristics that are important to understand when doing graphic design work. Vector Images Vector images are composed of paths creating individual, scalable objects. These objects are defined by ...

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Editing Vector and Raster Graphics in Microsoft

Understand Your Options in Word Vector graphics are composed of lines and fill colors; most clip art falls into this category. The advantage of the vector format is that the graphic is fully scalable. You can enlarge it to 100 feet or reduce it to half an inch without losing ...

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Easy Online Portfolios for Graphic Designers

Web Services Offering Simple Ways to Display Work to Clients Outside of the Design sphere, many people have a slightly skewed view of Graphic Designers and believe that all Designers can undertake all types of design projects. While it maybe the case that some Graphic Designers do extend their services ...

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Easy Tips to Produce a Cartoon Design

Using Design Software to Draw Simple Cartoon Style Graphics Many Graphic Designers are not naturally gifted cartoonists and so hand drawing effective cartoon devices may not be an option. Fortunately Designers can turn to their design software to produce cartoons that have a hand produced feel. There are a number ...

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