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Design and Create Your Own Card With Microsoft Office and Clipart

Designing and creating your own holiday and greetings cards has never been easier. All you need is Microsoft Office and Clipart for the basic card design. If you have your own photos stored on a digital camera, you can upload these to your PC and import them for an even more personal touch.

You will need to buy thin card to put in your printer. If you only have a black ink cartridge, use colored card to create a more attractive effect. Once your card is printed out, it can be embellished with glitter, thin ribbon tied into a bow or festive stickers.

Using Microsoft Office Publisher to design your own card

First, start Publisher and go to Greetings Cards (if you have an older version of publisher, you may need to click New Publications first). A range of different types of greeting cards will appear. Choose the most appropriate for what you want and click on it. Then a number of options will appear on the left of the page.

Page Options will allow you to choose the type of fold you want for your card, and the size of your card. Color Schemes will let you change the colors to whatever you want, and Font Schemes lets you change the type of lettering on the card. You will also be able to select the message you would like to write inside the card, or you have the choice of composing your own message. You can write inside the card by clicking on the page numbers 2 and 3 in small boxes at the bottom of your page. You can also add pictures and text on the back page, if you wish.

Using Clipart to Create Your Own Card

First delete the image that is already on the card by right clicking on it and then clicking on Cut. Then go to Clipart either by clicking on the link at the bottom of the options sheet on the left, or by typing Clipart into Google and going to the Clipart website. Select the image that you want – there is a wide range of pictures under lots of different category headings. When you have found the picture you want, left click on it to choose it, then right click on it and click Copy.

Next return to your publisher page, position your mouse over your card template, right click the mouse and click Paste. The image is now transferred to your card. You can resize and reposition the picture by mousing over it, holding down the left mouse button and pulling your image into the shape and position you desire. A four-way arrow means the image will move as a whole, a two-way arrow is for resizing.

Adding Your Own Photos to Your Holiday or Greeting Card

Plug in your digital camera to your PC and save into My Pictures. Then go back to your publisher document. Click on Insert, which is on the toolbar along the top of the page. It will come up with Picture; click on this and then click on From File. You will then be able to select the file that you have saved your photos in. You also have the option to insert pictures from Clipart here; this is another shortcut to get into Clipart.

Add finishing touches to your own personal card design

Once you have printed out your card, you can create your own embellishments to make the card even more special. Colored glitter stuck on with glue can liven up a card printed in black and white (colored inks can be expensive), or small shiny themed stickers can be added; these are available in inexpensive packs from craft shops. A piece of thin silver or gold ribbon can be threaded through the fold of the card and tied in a bow at the back.

The card will be very inexpensive and completely personal. You will also have a lot of fun making your own holiday or greetings card!

If you do not have a printer, or you run out of ink, don’t despair. You can also make and send your own e-cards free at Buzzle.com

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