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Designing a Brand for a Contemporary Outlet: Sample Logo and Menu Cover for a Trendy Restaurant

Newbys restaurant is an ultra trendy modern eatery that some might argue values style over substance. This isn’t a cheap establishment for a special meal, particularly for diners with a big appetite, but it’s constantly fully booked and reservations need to be made months in advance.

Target Market

This is a destination for the young and young at heart who have money spare to ensure that they’re seen in the right place. Typically the tables are filled with the beautiful people, notable figures from the creative industries and C List hangers-on aspiring to become one or both of the previously mentioned.


This restaurant seeks to convey a strongly designed image and as a result can take some bolder choices in terms of design elements.

The font choice appears futuristic, yet at the same time retro with a feeling of quality design. This is a result of its lineage flowing back to a geometric sans-serif font designed in 1919 by one of the founders of the de Stijl movement, Theo Van Doesburg, who name is lent to this font, Architype Van Doesburg.

This is a commercially available font and despite it only being suitable for quite specialist uses, its quality makes it a worthy addition to any Graphic Designer’s font collection.

Color Scheme

The design uses a modern classic in terms of color scheme in the form of black, white and red. Black forms the back drop with white text reversed out of it to produce a strong contrasting design.

This is enhanced by the use of a little red as an accent color. The red is used in a visual affectation that seems appropriate for such an establishment, by placing an umlaut over the ‘e’ in Newbys and coloring it red. The umlaut has no purpose in this context other than adding visual interest to the logo, but designers should consider the possibility of using such meaningless affectations in the pursuit of adding greater visual impact to a logo design.


Being an establishment that panders to fashion in all respects and so, with an ever changing menu, there are practical reasons for avoiding the use of imagery on the menu cover. Aesthetically the simplicity of the simple white and red logo on a black background is a very powerful combination and the addition of imagery may detract from this.


The menu cover is predominantly negative space, with a relatively small version of the logo placed offset to the right of the vertical and just slightly below the lower third line of the golden section.

Traditionally page layouts have slightly larger margins to the bottom, so pushing elements towards the bottom of the page is at odds with conventional practices, but designs can appear well balanced in these circumstances as long as they’re not pushed too far down the page.


The logo and menu cover for Newbys are quite simple and rely on negative space and the contrast of color to produce a striking image. The selected font is highly stylized, but it is suitably legible in this case.

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