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Dover Catalog Holiday Clip Art: A Review of Public Domain Image Volumes for Crafters

These images are available in softcover volumes as well as CD-ROM editions included within the books. With a range of subjects and holidays covered in their clip art volumes, artists will fine an array of possibilities for their projects, from greeting cards to mixed media collages.

A range of Christmas clip art collections are available, along with volumes on Halloween, Easter, and other subjects. The historic aspect of the series content is particularly appealing to crafters and fans of Victorian and vintage ephemera, especially greeting cards.

Christmas and Halloween Emphasis

The two primary holidays offered by volume are Christmas and Halloween, both popular choices for artists. Ranging in size from original cards to miniatures, the items are grouped together on large pages easily cut apart or scanned.

The Halloween clip art offered includes a variety of small images isolated from the original greeting cards from eras past; but several prints of original cards are included. Black cats, pumpkins, children, and bewitching witches are all represented from original Halloween cards

The Christmas volumes hold a significant corner in the holiday clip art department. From angels to Santa Claus, the small items are again singled out from the original cards, creating clip art ideal for notecards, gift tags, and small decoupage projects. Snowy seasons and a nod to the winter season are included along with the Victorianesque imagery of old.

Quality Images Offered

The detailed prints are spread out on the pages with plenty of room in between; the option to scan the images into a computer or cut them apart for one-time use is readily available. The items can be saved as JPEG or BMP images, then edited using image software to create the size and number desired.

The newer editions of the holiday clip art volumes include a CD-ROM edition, featuring the images rendered in quality digital form, making the printing process easier. The bold colors and range of sizes appeal to paper artists and primitive artists.

Availability for Use

Since the items are copyright-free, artists can feel free to use them for personal projects or incorporated into projects for sale. While the collection cannot be reproduced and offered for profit as a whole, the individual images can be altered and employed in a range of projects.

From hand-made greeting cards to decoupage wall art, these quality and colorful images are an ideal choice for artists and crafters of all kinds. The quality images and digital copies make printing and preparing the pictures for use a simple task.

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