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Earn a Degree Online in Photography With SCAD University

Known to the student body and alumni by its term of endearment “The University of Creative Careers” SCAD University has been in operation since 1979, offering a multitude of Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. Its recently developed online distance learning program has among its accolades outstanding distance education program and outstanding online course from reputable educational organizations. The University’s Photography programs are highly comprehensive in terms of training and personal and professional guidance.

Online Photography Program at SCAD

Savannah College of Art and Design offers an online bachelor’s degree (B.A) and online master’s degree (M.A) in Photography and Digital Photography respectively. The Photography program is noted for its diverse online general education courses and substantial foundation programs. These include such online degree courses as Color Theory, Drawing and Anatomy. Online degree courses such as Photographic Arts and Digital Crafts in the online Master’s degree program helps refine creative identity and technological ability to meet global demands.

SCAD students benefit from a faculty of members that hold both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Since distinctions are not made between campus and online degree courses, e-learning students gain the same experience. This extends to online orientation, online library services and an online bookstore for ordering photographic supplies textbooks and software. Admission procedures are the same for campus and e-learning students. Scholarships and financial aid are also available for e-learning applicants accepted into the program.

Why get an Online Degree in Photography With SCAD?

By far the most important reason to get an online degree with SCAD is the university’s rapport and connections to famed corporations and artists. E-learning students have access to the distinguished internships and on campus job recruitment. Photography alumni have procured internships and job placement with such corporations as National Geographic, New York Times, Paramount Pictures and Time Life Warner Bros. The internship program allows Scad students to work as interns for renowned Independent artists such as famed celebrity portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz.

When students get an online degree in photography from SCAD University, a variety of career options are available to them. The comprehensive online distance learning program allows students to follow career paths in diverse fields such as Cinematography, Forensic Photography and Visual Art. A variety of independent study online courses allow students to develop creativity and individuality ultimately producing powerful portfolios of work.

The SCAD University Photography online degree program is a great opportunity for those passionate about the photographic arts to get an online degree. People who need the flexibility of online training from a university that has an accredited online bachelor’s degree and online master’s degree program and is distinguished from decades of producing talented alumni would do well to consider the online degree in photography offered at Savannah College of Art and Design.

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