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Easily Customize Clip Art Using Microsoft Word: How to Edit Graphics to Wow Your Audience

To begin, make sure you’ve opened the Drawing and Picture toolbars by clicking View, Toolbars and selecting them from the menu. The Picture toolbar is free-floating. To keep it anchored in one spot, click and drag it to the Drawing toolbar at the bottom of your page.

Vector graphics are composed of lines and fill color and are easy to edit. When selecting a graphic to edit, make sure that the extension on the name of the file is WMF by hovering your mouse on the picture. A pop-up menu gives you some details on the type and size of the image. It’s also advisable to edit your clip art in a separate document, and once you’re satisfied with the results, copy and paste it into the document where you want to place it.

Changing Colors and Modifying Clip Art Elements

Place a piece of clip art in a new document and right-click on it. From the pop-up menu, choose Edit Picture. Click on individual parts of the art work to change colors or delete pieces.

To change the fill color, click the down-arrow on the Fill Color (bucket) icon on the Drawing toolbar. From the pop-up menu, you can change the fill color or add a fill effect like a gradient, texture, or pattern. To change the colors of the lines, use the Line Color (paint brush) icon.

To remove parts of the graphic, click on the piece and hit the Delete key.

Rotating or Flipping Clip Art

To change the orientation of your clip art, click Draw on the Drawing toolbar, then Rotate or Flip. To flip an image, use Flip Horizontal or Flip Vertical. To rotate an image, click either Rotate Left or Right 90o. Once the image has been flipped, click the green circle on the clip art. Your cursor will turn into a rotate symbol. Drag the green circle until the image is rotated to the position you desire.

Arranging Graphics

When using several graphic elements at the same time, you may have to arrange where each one appears by moving them either in front of or behind the other graphics on the page. Place the graphics where you’d like them. Right-click on the top element and click Order. When using many graphic elements, you can move them front or back of their current location on step at a time by using the Bring Forward or Bring Backward option. To send a piece all the way to the back or bring it in front of all the other elements, use the Bring to Front or Send to Back function.

Using these simple techniques, you can create personalized clip art that enhance the documents you are producing.

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