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Easy Ways to Extend Graphic Design Services: Five Useful Skills to Make a Designer More Employable

The Graphic Design industry can be a competitive field at the best of times and so Graphic Designers who can offer a full range of services to prospective clients may have a competitive edge.

Larger design agencies can employ a range of people with specialist skills who can undertake different aspects of a project, but this obviously reflects in the fees that the agencies charge and can make them too expensive for small businesses to use.

Graphic Designers who work alone don’t have specialist co-workers to turn to, but if they can develop more than basic Graphic Design skills, they can offer a fuller range of services to clients and at a price that is accessible to small businesses.

Five multi tasking skills that Graphic Designers may consider developing are listed below.

Copy Writing

Graphic Designers generally focus on being creative with the visual aesthetics of their projects, but being creative with words in a more than typographic way can be a valuable skill. Smaller businesses will generally not consider employing a specialist copy writer, however the way that text reads can be as important as the way that it appears.

A Graphic Designer who can take information from a client and produce clear and interesting copy can offer real added value

Proof Reading

This is a skill associated skill with copy writing, but is more concerned with the technicalities of written language. Many small business clients will seek to reduce costs by writing their own copy, but they rarely proof read their own work.

A Graphic Designer who can check and correct client supplied copy will avoid the possibility of printed materials being supplied with textual inaccuracies which may undermine the professional image of both the client and the Designer.


Digital camera technology has become cheaper and cheaper and low cost cameras can produce effective results. While there are many free and low cost stock photo sites on the web, there may not always be a suitable image available for a specific project, particularly if a product shot is required.

There are many photography websites that can offer advice on producing professional results and a little consideration to lighting and a tripod can yield results suitable for use in printed materials.


Being able to produce illustrations in a range of styles can be a valuable skill and there are many tutorials available to help Graphic Designers develop new illustration skills.

Project Management

While a Graphic Designer may expand their skill set, they can’t expect to be able to do everything a client requires and this is where project management skills can become especially useful. Being able to find and manage other specialists to undertake specific project requirements can ensure that a Graphic Designer never passes up job opportunities just because they cannot personally undertake every aspect of a project.

While it is easy for Graphic Designers to become caught up in those aspects of the job that interest them most, unless they have a very strong reputation for a specialist skill, developing and offering a broad range of skills can make them much more employable.

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