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Etsy Photography Tips

The first rule of good photos is to use good lighting. Lighting is so important to taking a good photo. Artificial lighting can create a cold and harsh look, and flashes can produce a glare.

The best way to light a product is to use natural daylight. Natural light can also sometimes be too strong though and you may need to diffuse the light. In this instance, use a white piece of typing paper to shield the product from the harsh directional light. By using this diffused daylight, you can create a high-quality product photo almost every time.

Digital Camera Settings

Though this sounds obvious, you must also make sure to use the appropriate photo settings on your camera. If taking close-up photos or photos of small products like jewelry, use a macro setting. This will allow you to get the most detail in your photo.

Also take the time to focus the camera on the part of the product you want to highlight. Do this by pointing the center of your viewfinder at the product and lightly pressing down on the shutter. On most digital cameras, this will force the camera to focus on that part of the photo. Keep the shutter slightly pressed until ready to take the photo.

You also want to make sure that your camera’s white balance is correctly set. Each digital camera will have its own button or switch for setting the white balance. When you set the white balance, point your camera toward a white piece of typing paper. The camera will adjust the exposure so that the paper registers as pure white. That will keep your colors and exposure in balance for your photographs.

Product Photo Themes

Finally create a unified look for your photos by using a background theme. Some artists create little scenes for their products and others just use a common background material.

Pick a theme and stick with it. You can vary the materials as long as they fit within the overall theme. For instance, if you always photograph your earrings hanging off of a teacup, you can vary the teacups as long as they stay similar in design. You could also photograph your items against natural materials such as leaves, rocks and bark. Just keep all of the photo backgrounds similar.

Follow the tips above to take the best photographs for your Etsy store. You’ll be surprised at how these small changes can improve the look of your shop.

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