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Fit Photoshop CS3 into Your Budget: Find Adobe Products at Discount Prices

While Adobe Photoshop CS3 is an excellent program for image manipulations and so much more, people often hesitate when they see the $700 price tag. They might settle for an older version with fewer features, or resort to downloading a free illegal copy. What many don’t realize, though, is that there are a number of options for buying Photoshop at a reduced cost.

eBay Auctions

At any given time, eBay generally has plenty of sellers offering the latest version of Photoshop at various prices for both Windows and Mac operating systems. Prices can be as low as almost half the regular retail cost in auctions that include the Buy It Now option. Be sure to read the auction thoroughly, as many auctions are only for an upgrade from a previous version. Several sellers are also only offering training DVDs or separate actions, which are recorded steps that can be played which will automatically apply changes to an image. In general, the cheaper prices under $300 are for upgrades, training, or add-ons. Listed prices higher than $300 are for full unregistered retail versions. As with all auctions, it’s a good idea to check the feedback of the seller for any negatives and what the reasons for them were.

Academic Versions

Students, parents, teachers, and faculty members are possibly eligible for discounts through Educational and Academic software retailers. The program itself is the same as what can be purchased in any store, although different sites having varying policies. Techkappa.com, for example, includes in its Terms of Use that those who purchase software from them cannot register the software with the manufacturer and that technical support will not be available from the manufacturer of the software product. Proof of eligibility is required, usually in the form of a school photo ID card, a course schedule, registration receipt, letter of enrollment on school letterhead, or employment contract. Prices range from $140 at Techkappa.com to $290 at Academicsuperstore.com and Campustech.com for both Windows and Mac. Bundled packages are also available at Academicsuperstore.com and Campustech.com for $590 – $645, allowing purchase of not only Photoshop but also other Adobe programs such as Illustrator, Flash, and Bridge. Training software and plug-ins are also available at reduced prices.

Aspiring graphic artists wishing to be competitive, business owners considering designing their own website, hobbyists wanting to get into digital scrapbooking; whatever the motivation, buying Adobe Photoshop CS3 does not have to be a seemingly unattainable goal

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