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Flickr for Graphic Designers: Using the Online Image Gallery to Present Work

Flickr is one of the internet’s phenomena, a site that started small and grew quickly, before being acquired by Yahoo. Since then Flickr has grown further and become a well established and widely used web service.

Initially the service was born out of a desire to allow users to share their pictures with others and as cameras became digital and integrated into other devices, such as mobile phones, the need for Flickr’s service grew at a rapid rate.

Now Flickr has matured into a service that can be used professionally as well as just a way to share snap shots taken on a whim.

There are a number of ways that Flickr’s service can be utilised by Graphic Designers in their day to day working life.

Show Portfolio of Work

While many Graphic Designers will have their own dedicated website, they don’t always go hand in hand and there are many print oriented designers whose skill set doesn’t cross into online working, meaning they can’t build their own website.

While Flickr started life as an online photo gallery service and is primarily targeted at such users, it can also be used to present other types of digital images, including scans and digital visuals to make up a portfolio of work. The link to this work can easily be shared with potential clients to help them get a feel for a Designer’s work.

Show Concepts and Work in Progress

This can be taken a stage further when working with clients, using Flickr to share ideas during the working process. This can be useful right from the initial concept stage and right through to the finished piece, so that the client is always able to view the work in progress and understand exactly which stage the creative process is at.

Clients can also use Flickr to leave comments about work in progress and this can be especially useful as it ensures that there is a record for future reference.


Flickr can also be used as a networking tool for building connections with a wide number of people. There are many groups covering a wide range of interests and while many of these might be more socially oriented, there are many based on specific creative concepts and it’s possible to make connections with other users with similar interests and aesthetic preferences.

As with interacting with any group, there are possibilities that such relationships may develop and lead to new job opportunities.

While Flickr is a useful web service for sharing favorite memories with friends and family, it can also be a powerful tool for Graphic Designers to utilise within their business.

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