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Getting the Best Images Out of Photographers: What Graphic Designers Can Do to Work Better With Photographers

Although both professions require creative vision, it is sometimes hard for photographers and graphic designers to communicate effectively. Here are some tips on how to work with photographers and get exactly the kind of images needed from them.

Share the Vision

Yes, a photograph is only a part of the overall design, but if the photographer knows what the entire vision for the project is he or she can create not only a photograph that is what the designer wants but an image that truly reflects the look and feel of the entire project

Be Clear About What’s Needed

Copyrights needed, target budget, types of files needed (.jpg, .tiff, etc.), number of images and audience the image is appealing to are just a few of the questions that need to be figured out before speaking with the photographer.

What if the designer doesn’t know what they need yet? Be honest with the photographer. Most often they are willing to work with uncertainty clear communication has been established from the beginning.

Clue The Photographer Into the Finer Details

What colors is the designer leaning toward? Will there be copy going across the photo? Give the little details to the photographer and he or she can work around anything the designer needs.

Leave the “Fix It Later” Mentality at the Door

It’s easy for a designer to fall into the habit of fixing anything they don’t like about a photo after it has been made. Talented and professional photographers don’t actually do much editing in programs like Adobe Photoshop after their images have been created. They take care of the details during the shoot and anything the designer needs can be fixed or altered before the photo is produced.

Be a Part of the Photo Shoot

Just about anything that a designer could be disappointed about could be fixed at the shoot. Even stopping by for just a short period of time to learn about how the photographer works could help communication later when photos are being selected. This is especially important if the shoot is a large one that is costing a lot of time and a lot of money.

Don’t Assume How Much Time a Shoot Will Take

Many little details go into creating a beautiful and marketable photo. Just because it seems like a small task to the designer, it may not actually be small to the photographer. Always give the photographer advance notice on everything needed. Unless the designer is also a photographer him or herself, they should never try to guess how long a shoot will take. Just ask the photographer.

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