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GPS and WIFI on a Digital Camera: Geotag, Print and Share Digital Images with Ease

Digital photography has come a long way since its conception. Bigger sensors, face detection and image stabilization are some features that have made taking pictures a lot easier while increasing the clarity in images.

With each generation of digital cameras comes additional features to the end user. Two features that would transform the digital photography industry are GPS and WIFI. Both of these features have been introduced on only a handful of models but could eventually become standard on all cameras.


The primary reason to include GPS on a digital camera would be for geotagging. Geotagging is including location information with the image taken from the camera. Normally this is done manually by entering in the latitude and longitude into the tag of an image most commonly done through an image editing software such as Picasa.

By adding GPS to a camera as in the case with the Nikon P6000, the location information is automatically embedded into the image tag whenever the user snaps a shot. This saves much time compared to manually entering in coordinates for each photo.

Some real-world examples where users could benefit from such features would be in real-estate photography. Agents could take snapshots of houses and easily map out their listings for users to view.

Other examples could include vacations, road trips, wildlife and nature photography. Every photo taken with a GPS digital camera would become that more useable with location data attached to it.


The second feature that should come standard on every digital camera is WIFI. WIFI is a wireless protocol that allows users to interact with other devices. With WIFI part of the camera it opens up the door to several options with digital images.

Kodak, Nikon and Canon, among other manufacturers, have started introducing WIFI into their cameras. This feature is allowing photographers to download photos directly to their computers wirelessly.

Another feature of WIFI is the ability to print wirelessly from a camera to any printer on a network. This saves time especially when wanting to print only a single or a few prints in a hurry.

Some camera manufacturers are also taking WIFI to the next level such as Kodak’s EasyShare-One which allows users to upload their photos to an EasyShare Gallery or even email users directly from the digital camera.


With this new technology comes its own set of problems. The main one being battery life. As features are introduced into any electronic device the requirements for power goes up.

This is especially the case when it comes to GPS and WIFI. These two features that can eat up precious battery life limiting the amount of photos a digital camera can take. As battery technology increases so will the chances that these two features will become standard in every camera.

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