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How To Choose the Right Graphic Designer: Tips for Finding the Perfect Person for a Project

When a small business decides to seek the help of a graphic designer for their marketing, advertising, or any other media need, what should they look for? Certainly it depends on the size of the project and the budget that they’re willing to spend, but it also depends on the quality of the final product they seek.

Experience Matters

Whether the choice is a design firm or a freelancer, the most important consideration is experience. Has the firm/person shown the ability to know how to get a project completed, be easy to work with, and work within budget? Do they have the know-how to figure out solutions to unique problems?

A design firm or advertising agency can provide many persons with diverse skills in order to provide a comprehensive advertising and marketing solution. They have the ability to do very large projects such as TV, radio, internet, and print campaigns in a reasonable amount of time.

If the need is smaller, perhaps using a freelance designer would be preferable. These designers usually work out of a small office or home, and offer professional services without the overhead costs of a larger agency. They specialize in smaller projects, and some can offer services as diverse as larger agencies.

Where to Find Creative Help

Design firms or freelance designers can be found locally in the phone book or online via search engines. There are several freelance design services online (for example, Elance.com and Guru.com) which allow companies or people to post projects and find the right design professional to do the job.

Get References

Many firms or freelancers can offer you references to contact, or may list testimonials on their web site. Check into what they can do and see if they have a history of working well with other client’s needs. Online freelance services usually display a feedback system on their web sites for each service provider.

You Get What You Pay For

The saying is true that “you get what you pay for”. Whether using a large firm, a local freelancer, or an online service, keep in mind that the expertise you need and results you get are going to depend on what you’re willing to pay.

Talented firms and freelancers who can deliver what is needed are professional, experienced and should be compensated in such a way. They have many years of providing quality work and have all the know-how to get a project completed.

Choosing a designer based on price alone has the potential danger of receiving an ineffective or incomplete project. The consequence could be having to start the project over and paying additional costs for a better designer to get what is needed. Or paying someone else to complete a failed project.

There are many great professionals available on online freelance design services who provide excellent services. There are some providers on these services who are starting out and may be very good and need a few opportunities to build up their feedback rating. Then there are others who don’t have the experience level needed to professionally complete a project. Pay attention to experience and feedback ratings which can tell you whether they’re competent or not. Just because someone offers a lower price to do a project doesn’t mean they will have the talent to deliver what is needed. Keep in mind that a lower price might mean lower quality, and lower results.

Making a wise choice for a professional graphic designer can be rewarding for a company’s marketing purposes. Be sure to consider the cost, competency, and creativity needed to get effective results.

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