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How to Find a Graphic Designer?: Creative Marketing Communications for Small Businesses

Graphic designers are behind the visual identity of companies of all sizes. Finding the right graphic designer for developing effective and creative marketing communications pieces can be a challenge. This article provides some tips to find a graphic designer for handling marketing communication projects.

Before finding someone to design marketing communications projects, take some time to define the project the company requires assistance with. If the business requires a new logo design, write down some descriptive words that convey the personality of the logo. Consider sketching some ideas and providing some color guidance as well. If the business has materials previously designed in-house, pull this information together to provide to the graphic designer as well. Information about the business industry and target customer is also useful.

Collect Samples of Creative Marketing Communications

A great place to start a search for a graphic designer is to first gather examples of creative marketing communications pieces that embrace the desired visual look. Consider contacting the company and inquiring who designed the piece for them. Ask if they will work with the graphic designer on future projects. Ask fellow business owners if they have any recommendations for design professionals.

Contact Local Colleges and Universities with Graphic Design Programs

For simple marketing communication projects, consider contacting a local college or university with a graphic design program. Professors can often recommend students who are capable of providing the type of creative work required. Some colleges and universities also offer internships where a company can benefit from the design skills of a student over an extended period of time.

Search Online Freelance Sites

There are a number of sites where business owners can post jobs for graphic designers to bid on. Sites like Elance and oDesk, invite business owners to post marketing communication projects. Graphic design professionals can then bid on the project. Business owners can then select and interview candidates based upon their portfolio, experience and hourly or project rate.


Questions to Ask After Finding a Graphic Designer

Working with a graphic designer is much like hiring a new employee. This individual will be responsible for creating a visual representation of a company and needs to be someone who is professional and easy to work with. The professional should have strong communication skills and open to client suggestions.

Although not an official interview, the first meeting with a graphic designer should be professional in nature. Ask to review the designer’s portfolio and ask for references. Discuss the type of services and experience the graphic designer has. Inquire about the work process and hours the designer typically works. Find out how the professional handles deadlines. Find out how the designer controls workload and if projects are billed on an hourly basis or flat fee per project.

Finding the right graphic designer to handle marketing communication projects can enhance the visual identity of a company. Taking time to find a professional that is easy to work with can lead to a long-term working relationship that benefits the company and the designer alike.


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