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How to Improve the Success Rate of Landing Pages: Tips to Turn Those Pretty Pages Into Conversions

What Is a Landing Page?

Sometimes called a lead capture page, a landing page is the one that appears when a viewer click on a ad or a search engine link. The page displays content that is intended to cause an action on the part of the viewer and turn them into a customer.

If lots of people are visiting the landing page, but not completing the desired action. Then the page is not being successful. The purpose of the page is to convince the visitor to stay and either fill out a form, buy something, sign up for a newsletter, etc.

What Are Conversions?

A conversion is when the potential customer has taken the desired action of the landing page. In order for the viewer to compete the task given to them, the designer needs to make it as easy as possible – and as clear as possible – so customer understands what is required of them.

Make Landing Pages More Effective

Define the conversion activity.Make sure that there is a clear action for the viewer to take. If the purpose of the page is to sell a product. Then there needs to be a clear “buy now” button.

Get rid of extra elements that are not connected to the purpose of the page. This is not a home page so there should only be one message: the purpose of the landing page.

Keep the design between the landing page and the advertisement the same.The best way to let visitors know they have navigated to the correct site is to use the same creative elements from the ad.

Don’t promote to other areas of the site. Landing pages don’t want visitors to wander. By providing links to other areas of the Web site, the designer is encouraging the visitor to leave the page, most likely before the desired action is completed.

Lead the visitor to the place of conversion.Use all the elements of the designer’s toolbox (but don’t over do it and distract the visitor) to lead the eye and the mouse to the conversion button.

Don’t misspell words or use incorrect grammar.First impressions are everything and poor grammar can lessen the creditability of the site.

Convey trust and respect through testimonials and visible customer support. Not all viewers are going to be familiar with the brand the designer is selling, so it is very important to help the potential customer feel comfortable, especially if they are being asked to give personal information.

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