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How to Make Your Own Clipart: Computer Activities for Kids Using Windows Applications

If the idea of designing your own clipart seems hard to you, this article will guide through the process. Then you will see how easy it is to make your own clipart. Once you start, you will be able to create many different pictures and designs. It is highly recommended that you help your child the first few times when creating clipart.

Equipment and Supply List

In order to make your own clipart, there are certain supplies that are necessary to have ready to go. They include:

  • A computer (these directions are for Windows)
  • A printer with a scanner
  • White paper
  • Pencil
  • Colored pencils or markers

Step 1

Draw a picture of something you want to turn into clipart in pencil on white paper. Next, trace over the pencil with a dark colored marker to make the lines strong. See the drawing below for an example.

Step 2

Color your picture with bold colors using either colored pencils or markers. The darker and heavier the coloring, the better resolution your picture will have.

Step 3

Scan your picture with the scanner on your printer. Once the picture has been scanned, you should receive options to crop your image, adjust its brightness and contrast, add text to it, and other things to enhance your clipart. Choose the options you want. To save your image choose:

  • “Save As” and then name your image whatever you like.
  • From the drop-down menu for “File Type,” you will want to choose to save the image as either a .jpg (.jpeg) or .gif file, as these are the most commonly accepted picture formats.

Putting Your Clipart to Use

Now that you have made a clipart image, you will want to use it to make things like greeting cards, newsletters, stationery, and other projects. See the example below on how your clipart can look in a project.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open up a program like Microsoft Word.
  2. Make up your project with text.
  3. At the exact place where you want to insert your clipart, press:
  4. “Insert” from the toolbar.
  5. Choose “Picture”
  6. “From File”
  7. Find your clipart image and highlight it with your cursor and choose “Insert” on the right bottom of your screen.

By clicking on your image you are able to size it to exactly how you want it to fit on the page. When you click on the picture, you will tiny squares around the picture. By clicking and dragging those squares, you will be able to resize your image.

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