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How to Share Photos Online: Upload Photos to the Web for Family and Friends

It’s never been easier to upload and share photos with the use of free online photo sharing sites. Gather photos and email contacts and begin uploading pictures to the web. Within minutes, friends and family will be able to view your special moments that have been captured.

Top Photo Sharing Services

Three of the most popular online photo sharing sites include Photobucket, Snapfish, and Flickr. All sites have basic accounts that allow individuals to upload photos and videos for free.


  • Keep all photos and videos in one place.
  • Store up to 10,000 pictures and hours of video for free.
  • Share with friends and family via email, IM, or mobile phone.
  • Make slideshows with music, captions, special effects, and more.
  • Link to your profile, blog or website.


  • Quick and easy photo and video uploading.
  • Free and unlimited photo storage.
  • View and share photos via email and mobile phone.
  • Create slideshows.
  • Edit and enhance photos with cropping and red-eye removal as well as add borders and tints.
  • Order professionally developed prints for as low as $0.09 each.
  • Create and customize over 100 photo gift ideas and products.


  • Upload photos and videos from your desktop or cameraphone
  • Edit out red-eye, crop photos, and customize photos with fun fonts and effects.
  • Share with family and friends via email or send them a link to Flickr page.
  • Make cards, books, framed prints, and DVDs.
  • Set privacy controls to only allow certain people to view photos

Each service listed above is great for sharing photos online. The main difference is that Snapfish and Flickr gives individuals the option to print photos and create custom products if they choose.

How to Upload and Share Photos

Uploading photos to online photo sharing sites is made easy with wizards that walk individuals through each step. Below, are the steps used to upload photos to Photobucket. The process is very similar for many of the photo sites.

  • Navigate to Photobucket.com. Click “join now” to create your Photobucket account. Once your account has been created, enter your username and password at the top of the page and click “log in.”
  • Select “albums & upload” from the top menu.
  • Navigate to the album that you want to upload photos to. Click “Choose files” and then select the photos you want to share. Use “CTRL” to select multiple files.
  • Click “Open” when you have selected your images. Files will begin to upload. When all files have successfully been uploaded, a message will appear with the total number of images uploaded.
  • Select “share album” and then click “Send email.” Enter email addresses separated by commas or click on “Import contacts” to import emails from top email clients. Click “Send.” Photos have been sent to contacts to view and enjoy!

Supported image file types include jpg, jpeg, png, gif, swf, and bmp (bmp converts to jpg on upload).

It’s free and fun to share photos online. Photobucket, Snapfish, and Flickr are just a few of the sites that allow memories to be shared amongst family and friends from near and far.

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