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Professional Online Portfolio Tool for Designers: DeviantART.com’s New Portfolio Site Makes an Online Presence Easy

Many sites out there on the Web offer a venue for graphic designers to showcase their work for free. But many of them are just simply places to upload images and won’t dazzle any school or potential employer.

DeviantART.com’s Portfolio: The Awesome Version

DeviantART.com, one of the largest online communities of artists and art lovers has taken on the portfolio. They have created an online portfolio tool that not only passes the professionalism test in terms of looks, but is also specifically tailored for artists. It is called Portfolio: The Awesome Version.

DeviantART was launched in 2000 as a place for artists to communicate and show off their work to other artists. But, because many members use their gallery pages as a portfolio, it seemed logical for the site to move into the realm of portfolios.

“Our members asked for a more professional way to share their art with prospective employers and schools.” says Dan Loesch, who works for deviantART. “They were concerned with both the ‘deviant’ name, and the generally cluttered gallery pages that contain everything from flashing emoticons to advertisements – things deviants might not want to include in professional portfolios.”

The site looked into many online and off-line portfolios and talked to artists, students, professors and creative professionals to build a system that pleased schools and potential employers.

Portfolio: The Awesome Version offers two types of memberships: Basic (which is free) or Premium (which is paid).

The Basic Version Includes:

  • Free hosting for up to 100 images
  • Domain name of yourname.daportfolio.com
  • Compatible with all major browsing platforms and most advanced mobile devices (no need for plugins)
  • No advertising
  • An easy-to-use interface with no HTML or coding skills necessary.

By signing up to be a free member of deviantART.com, all the basic features of the portfolio come included.

The Premium Version Includes:

  • Unlimited portfolios and image hosting
  • Additional domain choices, including artworfolio.com and designerbinder.com
  • Use your own personal domain (yourname.com)
  • No deviantART.com branding
  • Password protected access option.

To have access to the premium portfolio option, the artist must be a premium member of deviantART.com. (Premium memberships start at $4.95 a month.)

More About deviantART.com

Angelo Sotira, CEO of deviantART.com, says on the about page of deviantART.com’s Web site that, “It is our intention to create the most powerful outlet in the world for known and unknown artists alike.”

The site not only offers a gallery to show works, but also a built-in way to sell art through the member’s page. It also has a forum that encourages communication and critiques between artists.

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