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Seven Top Tips for Getting Inspired

Practical Suggestions For Breaking Creative Block

Take a Walk

A change is as good as a rest, so the old saying goes, and that holds true when it comes to creativity. Too long spent staring at a blank page only ends up exacerbating the situation. Going for a walk can help to bring a new perspective to things.

Look at a Magazine

While looking at a magazine may seem like a distraction, if it is done with a purpose it can help to release any blockage of creative ideas. For example, look at advertisements in the magazine and make a note of three things that appeal about the advertisement and three things that don’t. Many Graphic Designers find that ideas for new projects can come from doing this form of critique.


With such a wide variety of fonts available a simple word or phrase can take a whole new meaning when a font is changed. A Graphic Designer who is stuck for ideas may want to write a short phrase and try different fonts and see the way that this effects the message. This can be particularly good for getting ideas for text based projects.

Online Images

There are a rich range of images available online. Online photo hosting sites, such as Flickr, offer a Graphic Designer the opportunity to view photos of all types. This can be a great way to spark ideas. Looking at photographs of nature, landscapes or architecture are all good sources of inspiration for graphic forms within a design.

Work on Something Else

It is always useful for a Graphic Designer to have a fall back project to work on. This might be a personal project or some form of training, perhaps learning a new technique. These fall back projects are useful to pick up when creativity fails. Many Graphic Designers find that once they pick up speed in a fall back project, ideas start to flow again and they can revert back to the original project.

Social Networking

One of the problems that Graphic Designers who work from home find is that there is no-one to bounce ideas around with. Fortunately, social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are changing this. When a Graphic Designer is stuck for ideas then reaching out to fellow designers around the world can often produce surprising results. At the very least the designer is likely to find that they are not alone with the occasional creativity stumble.

Change of Location

Working in the same office or location can be a trigger to creative block, with the mind seeming to get stuck in a rut. Getting up and moving to a different location in the home, office, or even a completely different environment, such as a park or coffee shop, can sometimes free the thought process. At the creative stage a pencil and paper should be more than sufficient equipment for developing ideas.

The one key thing to remember when facing a creative block is that everyone faces it from time to time. Just staring at a blank page is unlikely to help, however trying something else to refocus the mind and release creative energies is often just the thing!

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