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Summertime Photography Projects For Kids: Why Summer Can Be An Inspiration To Get Snapping

Summer often means getting outsdoors, enjoying the weather, fun with friends, and of course, lots of wonderful photo opportunities. It can also be just the excuse for getting children interested in photography.

Children don’t need a lot of encouragement to get snapping; usually all it takes is giving them a camera. Wiith cheap digital cameras and disposables you can relax and let them have fun.

Here are some suggestions for getting them inspired this summer:

  1. What does summer mean to you? Give them a camera and ask them that question. Try not to give them too many ideas yourself and see what they come up with. They might even like to create a summertime scrapbook where they can put their photos along with anything else they collect and special memorabilia.
  2. Water and cameras. Not usually two things you would think of putting together, let alone with children; however, with disposable cameras that work under water, there’s a whole new world for them to discover with a camera lens. Whether at the beach and capturing the life under sea, or in the backyard with a paddling pool and some friends, there are lots of wonderful photo opportunities.
  3. Summertime often means holidays and holidays mean taking photographs. They’ll be plenty of people capturing the typical holiday snaps so why not encourage your children to capture different aspects of a holiday. What really captured their interest?
  4. If you’ve got more than one little photographer, then encourage them to capture the same topic or event but in their own individual ways. It’s always interesting to see the different perspectives and most children love the competitive aspect of seeing who can come up with the most original ideas.
  5. Get in close. Encourage children to get close and look at the details. Whether it’s a close-up of a flower or the details on a butterfly’s wings, these are often the special details that we can so often miss.
  6. Get Candid. Posing for photographs is ok when it’s a big family gathering and you want to capture everyone together in one photo, but usually it’s the candid shots that say the most. Encourage children to capture their subjects when they are least aware.
  7. Get silly. Whether it’s having fun eating ice-creams or mucking around with a water sprinkler in the backyard, add a camera and you can increase the fun levels.
  8. Get even sillier. The fun doesn’t have to stop once you’ve taken the photographs. You can do many amazing things with digital photography and a wide range of software available.
  9. Learn about light. Great photographs can often come down to lighting. Get children to experiment taking photographs at different times of the day and in different positions. There’s no better way to learn than through trial and error.
  10. Barbeques, salads and summertime food. Food can be a great subject to photography, especially if you get in close.

Photography and children typically means lots of fun and plenty of creativity. Try to let them be as creative as they want; they’ll have plenty of ideas of their own but hopefully some of these will get them started.

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