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Telecommuting As A Graphic Designer: Important Things To Consider When Working From Home

With the constant development of new and existing technologies, the possibility of more flexible working practices is becoming a reality for many workers. While some companies are already embracing telecommuting, with some planning a Graphic Designer may take steps to introduce their employer to the concept in a positive way.

Benefits of Telecommuting

If a Designer is hoping to telecommute to an existing job that doesn’t already allow home working, the first thing that they should do is prepare a list of all the benefits such an arrangement will bring the employer.

This might include reduced office costs and giving the company’s green credentials a boost as their workers will not be causing pollution as they commute physically to work.

Possible Objections to Telecommuting

They should also make a list of arguments against so that they can counter any reservations that the employer may have.

One of the most common employer objections to homeworking revolves around perceived loss of control. Employers often ask how they can be sure their staff are working if they’re not in the office.

For Designers who have already nurtured work relationships based on trust, this is less of a problem. All the same drawing an employer’s attention to some of the different communication tools available is a good idea.

Keeping In Touch

Obviously email is invaluable for allowing the sharing of messages and files, but there are also a number of real time communication tools such as Instant Messengers and VoIP services.

Instant Messengers allow users to type short messages, while VoIP services, such as Skype, allow users to talk to other users or in many cases call people on their telephone.

Both these technologies can be combined with a webcam to improve the user experience and often they can show when a user has been away from their computer for a period of time.

Equipping a Home Office

Another important point for consideration is who will equip the telecommuter’s office? The main piece of equipment for a Graphic Designer is their computer and it may be that the homeworker has a suitable machine in the home already.

If the Designer will be splitting their time between the company office and home, a modern laptop could be the solution. With screen sizes of more than 18″ now available, a laptop could be suitable for use as a Graphic Designer’s main work station, particularly when paired with a supplementary monitor.

One more point to consider is whether the employer will make any contribution to sundry expenses, such as heating and lighting. Some Designers may feel that these costs are offset by the benefits of working from home and the financial savings from not commuting to an office. Either way, this issue should be addressed before the telecommuting starts.

Working from home may not be perfect for every company or Graphic Designer, but for some it can be an effective way to keep costs down and keep staff members fresh and invigorated.

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