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Tips For Keeping a Graphic Design Blog: Advice For Designers to Maintain a Useful Blog

A blog can be a useful business tool for a Graphic Designer. It can be an essential channel for passing information to potential clients as well as being a useful networking tool. A good Graphic Design blog is both informative and illustrative, as well as being interesting to read.

Here are some tips for a successful Graphic Design blog:

  • Keep it focused – a Graphic Designer’s blog will be read by fellow Graphic Designers as well as potential clients. Therefore it is important that the blog remains focused. While a small amount of personal information can help to bring a human face to a blog, readers who are looking for specific graphic design reading are likely to get turned off by discussions about completely unrelated issues.
  • Easy to navigate – after a while, a blog can become extremely large. This is particularly the case with Graphic Designers’ blogs that may include many images. This can present a challenge to readers who may find the blog difficult to navigate. While many blog programs automatically list blogs chronologically, a reader wanting to find something quickly will not want to view several unrelated posts. Giving blogs relevant blog titles and making full use of tags and labels will help visitors to successfully navigate a blog.
  • Manage comments – allowing comments on a blog is a great way to connect with others. Comments can also be a magnet for trolls and spam. Therefore if comments are allowed on a blog the blog owner should moderate the comments, or even approve them before they are live, to ensure that no spam or inflammatory comments are posted. If comments are allowed then it is also important to bear in mind that there could be negative comments left about a blog post or piece of work. A graphic designer will need to decide their comment policy in order to make full use of this feature.
  • Keep it up to date – a blog that is regularly updated will be more attractive to readers than one that is infrequently updated. Keeping a list of potential blog subjects can be a great source of inspiration. Polls and surveys are also a good way to add blog content when inspiration is lacking. There are many free poll and survey widgets available that can be added to blogs.
  • Promotion – a blog needs to be found by readers. While the search engines will eventually find a new blog and index it, a blog owner can help to raise the profile of a blog in a number of ways. This includes adding the blog address to a signature used on emails and in forums, commenting on other blogs and adding it to business cards and other business stationery.

These simple tips can ensure that the time a Graphic Designer devotes to building up a blog is well spent.

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