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Typical Design Points of a Fast Food Logo: Sample Logo and Menu Cover for Fast Food Restaurant

For this example design, the subject is a fictional fast food restaurant called Newbys.

Newbys is a generic fast food outlet producing the usual types of fast food, including hamburgers and fries.

Target Market

Customers of Newbys are looking for well priced food that they can pick up on the go and consume easily without having to take any more time out of their day than is absolutely necessary to refuel. This is a very basic and no frills segment of the market lacking in any forms of pretence.


In this case, the chosen font is a commercially available font called Dom BT Diagonal Bold. This is a handwriting style font and in the bold diagonal version has a feel reminiscent of chalk writing on a black board.

The looseness of the font has a warm and friendly feel and this has been accentuated a little by slightly skewing the font. An oval lozenge device has been placed behind the text to unify the writing and make it more of a stand alone logo. The text was also replicated in black behind the main text and this was offset to give the impression of a drop shadow and so visually push the text forward.

Color Scheme

Bold colors are the order of the day here, with a bright red chosen for the main text color which will stand out. Red’s complementary color, green, is used in two shades to add a double border to the background lozenge. The lozenge has circular gradient of a two shades of yellow. This produces a backdrop that is less harsh than plain white, but is a little more subtle than a solid shade.

The colors of the logo are echoed in the design of the menu cover. It’s not a sophisticated solution, but then again nor is a hamburger.


This image of a burger in a bap (http://www.freeimages.com/photo/burger-1320739 ) quite quickly and easily sums up what Newbys is all about – good quality fast food. Like the logo, the picture is bold and straightforward and gets the message across quickly.


With no pretence of sophistication, almost all of the available space on the menu cover is used in order to produce an ‘in your face’ design that grabs the viewer’s attention.


This example demonstrates one approach to producing a logo and menu cover for a fast food outlet and shows how different elements can be combined to produce a visually punchy image that will grab the attention of the audience.

Obviously this is just one solution and it may not be to everyone’s taste, but it covers some important points and should make a Graphic Designer start to think through the process of designing within this market segment.



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