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Use Free Clip Art in Kid’s Crafts and Activities: How to Make Handmade Cards, Ornaments, Garlands and More

Free clip art is a useful resource for kid’s crafts. There are many different types of free clip art available from basic shapes through to more sophisticated designs. Simple and bold shapes are perfect for many kid’s crafts.

All that is required is a print out of some free clip art shapes and some craft supplies such as crayons and paints. The best free clip art shapes to look for are basic shapes such as circles, squares, triangles and rectangles.

Finding Free Clip Art

A simple Internet search will return a wide range of choices. Look for clip art that is free to use and without restrictions. Each clip art website will have a usage policy that states how its clip art may be used. Two websites with some free basic shapes are:

  • ABC Teach
  • TLS Books

Coloring Pages

Simple free clip art shapes are perfect for coloring projects. Bold shapes have lines that are easier for children to follow. One of the benefits of using shapes is that it also encourages children to develop their imagination and play skills. For instance circles can be turned into faces and animals, squares and triangles into houses and much more. With a little imagination a lot of fun and educational benefit can be had.

Handmade Cards

Everyone loves a handmade card that has been made by a child. Basic free clip art shapes are ideal for adding to cards. They can be colored with paint or crayons before adding to a card. Other embellishments such as glitter, ribbons and tissue paper will add to the finished card.


Pretty ornaments are fun to make all year round and are great kid’s crafts. Ornaments can be created from craft foam, felt, thick cardstock, recycled cereal packets and more. Use free clip art shapes as templates to make ornaments. Simply cut out the shapes and draw around them to use as templates. Older children may be able to cut the shapes out themselves, whereas young children will require an adult to do this for them.


Garlands are a great kid’s craft and are perfect for decorating a room for a party or special occasion. Cut out simple free clip art shapes and use these as templates. Cut shapes from paper, cardstock, felt or craft foam or use recycled products like greeting cards or packaging. Children can add color to the shapes using paints or crayons. To make the garlands, punch a hole the top of each shape and thread a ribbon, string or length of yarn through the hole.

There are many different ways of using free clip art in kid’s crafts. This is a great resource and getting children involved in crafts from an early age may give the foundations of a lifelong interest.

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