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Where to Find Sunday School Clip Art Images: Dress up Bible Lessons with a Fun Image or Two

Clip art is a terrific way to jazz up a bulletin board, Bible lesson, or craft idea. There are several websites that offer clip art, and it is simply amazing at how many images are available for little to no cost. If you are looking specifically for Sunday school clip art, here are some of the best websites to start the search.

Preschool Sunday School Central

This is a terrific website full of resources for Sunday school teachers. They offer tons of free Sunday School clip art that you can use for bulletin board designs, crafts, and anything else you can think of to make Bible lessons kid-friendly. PSS Central is dedicated to Sunday school teachers, most of whom are volunteers, to help them find all the free and low-cost resources they need in order to “Change a Little Life in Big Ways.”

Sunday School Resources

Here is a nice array of clip art and coloring pages. These can be printed out for the class to color. The clip art pictures are nicely categorized, so you can easily find a picture that relates directly to a Bible verse or story.

Christ Art

This site offers a good variation of clip art and most are available in larger sizes. This is great because it prevents the fuzzy appearance that can occur when you enlarge clip art images in another program. The site requires that you pay $5.95 per month for access to unlimited downloads for the larger images. The smaller images are free to use, as long as the user acknowledges where the clip art came from in the printed or web material it is used for.

Gospel Gifs

Gospel Gifs is a great site for cute cartoon clip art images. These can be used for bulletin boards and other materials where cartoons fit nicely. Save the images directly to the computer by right clicking on the picture and then clicking on “Save picture as.” Enter in a file name and you are ready to open and print.

Sunday Software

If you are looking for Sunday school clip art software, this site offers two versions. The first is Christian Clickart Deluxe and it offers over 32,000 images on two CDs. The second is Cliptures: Bible Clipart CD. There are 54 images available in four different formats. Christian Clickart Deluxe is $32 and the Cliptures is $18. Purchasing either CD allows you to use the clip art in any form, but cannot be resold in another clip art collection.

Crossdaily: Clip Art Directory

This is a directory website that lists many different locations for Sunday school clip art. The site is dedicated to graphics where one can find just about any clip art image being looking for at one of the recommended sites. There are 63 websites listed at the time of this writing. They all deal with some sort of church and Sunday school graphic theme.

The Clip Art Site

This is a free site that offers over 25,000 clip art images in just about every category you can think of, including Christian images. Easily defined categories make searching for a specific image simple.

These are just a few of the hundreds of sites and software that are available for Sunday school teachers to locate clip art images. These sites are very informative, and will usually have a terrific assortment of images, including some you never would have thought of. Check them out today.


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