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Working with ClipArt – The Basics: Using Clipart With Your Documents

If you are using any of the Microsoft Office software, or some other computer software, the process is very similar. By knowing Microsoft Word well, you will be able to transfer this knowledge to most other programs with minor changes.

A good rule to remember is 75% text and 25% graphics. This is not a hard and fast rule, just a guideline for balance. Some of the mistakes new users make is that their graphics are too large. Do not use clipart to “fill up the page,” it would be better to have white space.

How to:

  1. Insert ClipArt
    • Move your insertion point to the location where you want your clipart, (click on the location with the mouse)
    • Click on INSERT, Picture, from clipart, click on the clipart, Insert, OK
    • – OR
    • Click on INSERT, Picture, From File, scroll to the file where your picture is located and click on the picture, Insert, OK
  2. Format the Clipart
    • Click on the clipart to turn it on
    • Click on FORMAT, Picture, this will turn on the Format Picture box
  3. Change the Size
    • Change the size first because sometimes a picture will come in much larger than the size you want.
    • Click on Size, there should be a check mark in the front of “Lock Aspect Ratio”, if not click in the box to turn it on
    • Change the size to “height” depending on the clipart, the width should automatically adjust
  4. Colors and Lines
    • Add a Boarder to Your Pictures
    • In the “Format Picture box”
    • Click on the “Colors and Lines” tab, click on the “Line” color box (If the Line box is not highlighted, click on the “Layout” tab and change to in front of text. You should see small circles on the outside of the picture. After adding the boarder, go back to the “Layout” tab and choose the desired Layout.)
    • Click on a color
    • Click in the dashed box and choose a line
    • Click on the style and change
    • Click on the weight and choose a weight
    • (bright colors work well
  • Layout
  • The layout should be according to the needs of the document
  • When using “behind text,” pictures should be placed in their final location first before clicking on behind text. Once you click on behind text, you will not be able to click on the picture without removing the text in front of it first.
  • Picture
  • The Picture tab is the default tab when opening the Format Picture dialog box.
  • Crop pictures here by typing different values into each box
  • Use the Image Control to change the color of the picture. Automatic is the default and can be changed to: Grayscale, Black and White and Washout.
  • Washout can be adjusted by clicking on the “Brightness and Contrast” control and increasing or decreasing

With these few controls, you can achieve many different effects. Practice adding different effects to the same clipart, try bolder colors, different lines.

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