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Working with Text Boxes in QuarkXpress: Word Processing Using QuarkXpress

Sofware such as Microsoft Word has become the standard word processing software utilized by most writers. However, using page layout software such as QuarkXpress can offer additional benefits to writers.

By utilizing QuarkXpress or other page layout software, writers can enhance their marketability by offering desktop publishing services as well as writing to their clients.

QuarkXpress also allows writers to write to fit a specific amount of space. For instance, an editor may have a quarter-page space open on a standard magazine page and request some filler information for that space. With QuarkXpress you can create a text box to the exact size of space the editor has and then write to fill the space.

Using Text Boxes in QuarkXpress

In QuarkXpress, writing or importing text is as easy as drawing a text box. The text box tool is a located on the QuarkXpress tool palette and is represented graphically by a rectangle with the letter A inside. To access the text box tool, simply click on the icon and draw the text box.

When opening a new document, QuarkXpress can be set up to automatically draw a text box on new documents or a text box can be drawn manually. If an automatic text box is utilized the size and location is determined by the margin guides field located in the new project box of QuarkXpress.

Once a document has been opened and a text box drawn, select the content tool to begin writing within QuarkXpress or import text from another source. Additional text boxes can be drawn on the page. Text boxes can also be moved or resized on the page as necessary.

Editing Text Using QuarkXpress

Text can be easily modified within QuarkXpress. Style and character attributes lie within the style menu. From the style menu font, size, type style, color, shade and opacity can be selected for the text highlighted. To create emphasis on a key phrase within the text, hightlight the text and select bold and color or other attributes from the style menu.

There are a variety of ways to bring text to life within the powerful features of QuarkXpress. For a newsletter, draw a text box and change the background to blue. Then change your text to white for an interesting call out. To call out a quote, increase the size of the text for interest.

Writers looking for an alternative to standard word processing software can utilize the powerful word processing features of QuarkXpress. This versatile software is ideal for writers who regularly write for publications or need to fit their text into a limited amount of space.

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